"Go Gree, Save Earth"

Santkripa Sanatan Sansthan is actively and effectively putting efforts towards to save nature. Massive Tree plantations have been done during last 8 years. We feel that plantation is important but taking care of the same on regular basis. So We have created a dedicated team and total infrastructure to take care of the plantation. Apart from the above, thousands of trees and tree guards have been provided to different schools, NGO's , Police lines, Police Stations, Hospitals etc.

Water Supply

Rajasthan is the land of deserts. Availability of water has always been a burning issue for Rajasthan. So where, question of water is important for mankind then availability of Water for animal during summer is becoming totally out of context. We realized the same and constructed around 90 small water tanks for animals during drought in remote locations inside deep forests which were regularly replenished by water tankers and ensured regular maintenance of them. As well supply of drinking water to the villagers of village-Rabcha

Green & healthy Environment

The public garden was developed & maintained at Nathdwara, Udaipur and other cities for general public use, thereby enhancing the beauty of the area & promoting the idea of Green & healthy environment.

ICU in Govt. Hospital Nathdwara

The ICU Unit was establised & maintained at Government Hospital, Nathdwara for general public use. A ambulance is also given in Nathdwara Hospital.

Chetak Circle at Udaipur

The Historical Chetak Circle was establised & maintained at Chetak Circle, Udaipur City.

Education (Government & Private Schools in Nathdwara)

A school building for Government Secondary School at Uper Ki Oden, Nathdwara (Rajsamand) was devloped by us. Shree Jee Public Senior Secondary School,Nathdwara supproted by us